sexta-feira, outubro 13, 2006

Study slavery after work - second round!

Because the new study year is about to re-start, my study colleague from Malaysia, came up with these brilliant resolutions!!

We all subscribed them!

"(Together now, repeat after me)

We, the class of 2005/2006 (Geneva/Torino chapter) , solemnly resolve to drastically reduce our stress levels in second year by:

1. Starting to study earlier
2. Take study leave at least 3 months in advance
3. To login into the Webboard system at least once a week
4. To remember to answer all exam questions in SEPARATE booklets
5. To memorize our candidate number by heart and to write it on our exam booklet each and every time (or better still, on every page)
6. To never stop lobbying for the removal and banning of APWCIP* from the course who are just making the rest of us look slack!

*APWCIP = Annoying Parents With Child In Photo"

Let the new year begin!!! (and see what am I going to fail this time!!)

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Matta ari disse...

Eia!A menina tá a perder o juízo! Atão não é que já se repete! Marco consulta no dr M?