sábado, setembro 29, 2012

Being girly is good for my skin!

photo by: cdgabinete, Geneve, Sept 2012

sexta-feira, setembro 28, 2012

Next roof top bar I hit in Beijing...

I'll be doing it... gangnam style!

And at the third attempt.... Mexico loved me back!

After 2 visits to Mexico that ended up with me sick... I went to mexico and came back healthy!!!!
So i can finally say... I loved Mexico (food/ drinks) and Mexico loved me back :)
photo by: cdgabinete, Mexico City, Sept 2012

sexta-feira, setembro 21, 2012

Things I only tried after 30...

Mango daquiri in a roof top bar in Beijing.

Crappy rum, but nice roof top!
photo by: cdgabinete, Beijing, Sept 2012

quarta-feira, setembro 19, 2012

Things I only tried after 30...

Pop-corn chicken!!!

Unfortunately for me...  I liked it!

B-day (this was supposed to be posted on the 12th Sept, but with the compliments of PRC blogger.com was not working in China!)

I have been trying to convince myself that is ok not to have a birthday celebration, nor cake and that I will celebrate once I get to China or once I return to Geneva, but let’s be honest… It just sucks!

Spending one’s birthday alone and travelling sucks! I can guarantee that I feel cranky and furious and the fucking bad manners and borderline incompetence of the staff taking care of the check in in Porto only added up to my unhappiness.

I know, I know… stop whining… you are on your way to China and you love China… which is all true. I do love China… but fuck! Did I have to travel there alone on my birthday???
Apparently, YES!

So… happy-freaking-birthday to me!