sexta-feira, novembro 30, 2012

The relief of the realization.... she is the problem, not me! For while there i have been thinking that I was from another planet....


Cadeiras volantes

Se pudesse alterava uma coisa na Casa da Musica, so uma: as cadeiras deslizantes da Sala Guillermina Suggia.

De resto... ouvi Maurice Ravel pela Orquestra e fiquei cheia de contentamento o fim-de-semana todo!

sexta-feira, novembro 16, 2012

Bond... James-hot-Bond!

I really like Daniel Craig's Bond! For so many reasons... the main one being that he is seriously hot! 

This quote is cool... particularly in the context of the intergenerational divide:   

"Q: Age is no guarantee of efficiency. 
James Bond: And youth is no guarantee of innovation."

domingo, novembro 11, 2012

Au couleurs de l'été indien...

photos by: cdgabinete, New Delhi, Nov 2012

The creepy pick up line...

So, four years ago I discovered the Diili Hat and loved it! It is less crowed than other street markets, it has nice stuff, good food and feels quite safe. So, even though i don't really need any new pashminas, I went back. Walked around and started my shopping spree in a bracelet booth... I chose the one bracelet i liked and tried to bargain the price... didn't work, so I left.

(A few meters ahead, a creepy white man invited me for coffee...)

- Hey, you  have very good taste...
- Excuse me?
- The bracelet you chose, it was really nice
- ... (silence)
- Where are you from?
- Europe
- Oh, europe is big... where in europe?
- Portugal
- No way! Lisboa... You know, Paulo is my portuguese nick name!
- Hum hum (in my head: go away 40 yr old pale creep with braces)
- Do you want to go for a coffee?
- No thank you (in my head: you are really creeping me out now!).
- Oh, that's a pity. It would be nice...
- Bye (creepy white man)
- Bye, enjoy your shopping. I think I will go back and collect the bracelet you chose.

(a few meters ahead... while i was in another booth)

He was back:  - Bye, nice to meet you and safe travels home
- Adeus

photo by: cdgabinete, New Delhi, Nov 2012

Cdgabinete... A quase celebridade na India

Fiz uma visitinha ao Red Fort... 
Pelo numero de fotos que me tiraram - com e sem a minha autorização (?!!!)- imagino que na sexta feira o se encheu de posts e fotos minhas com titulos  "loira, com t-shirt a dizer talk nerdy to me, visita o red fort". 

Fair enough... eu tb gosto de tirar fotos aos saris delas!

Photo by: cdgabinete, New Delhi, Nov 2012

quarta-feira, novembro 07, 2012

Back to Delhi...

Sera que é desta que tenho direito a Bollywood? :)

domingo, novembro 04, 2012

Being girly is good for my skin

A julgar pela oferta de soutiens nas lojas da especialidade.... 99% das mulheres compra soutiens almofadados.