terça-feira, maio 05, 2015

True story

I am in the line at FNAC, one client is paying and two ladies are waiting to go before me. The cashier finishes the client, and before starting with lady n°1 turns to the 9 months pregnant  lady of the queue:

Cashier: - Excuse me madame, can i process your purchase?
Me:- Oh, yes please. Thank you so much.
Lady 1:- WHAT?! Why would you give her priority?
Cashier:- Because the lady is pregnant
Lady 1:- Oh... In my time no one ever did that. pfff
Lady 2:- Isn't it nice to see how much things have progressed since your time for the best?

And so i was allowed to pay my one item, and Lady 1 felt terribly inconvenienced for delaying her purchase for 3 minutes and wasting another 3 minutes protesting without any backing up from other people in the line.

2 comentários:

Matta Ari disse...

Aaaahhh! That B%€&#!!! Well done! Pregnant Lady scores again!!! :)

cdgabinete disse...


a resposta da outra sra é para memorizar... nunca me lembraria de tal espontaneamente.