segunda-feira, novembro 03, 2014

Travelling almost "the old fashion way"

On friday night, I left the office after having done a 50 hour work week and was carrying 60 reports, 1 laptop, 2 big folders and my hand bag. I got home and my most precious limb was missing... my blackberry!

I searched and searched... but it was nowhere to be found... i left it on my desk!  No problem (i naively thought...), i will come by the office tomorrow to collect that and a third folder i forgot. On saturday, much to my unhappiness i go up the hill just to find the office in total lock down without a single living soul to open the door. 

So... no blackberry! No email in my pocket, no what's app, no texting for free... Nada!
I get home write some angry emails, mobilize the IT department to make sure i have a phone at least when i land in New Delhi and made my way to the airport. 

Now, sitting at the lounge in Dubai, i can't help but notice how less stressful it is to travel without the email in  your pocket. People know i am unavailable, there is no pressure to answer them. 
I have only my old Nokia, which miraculously has roaming and enough money to send a couple of texts but that's it. 

It feels like I am travelling the old fashion way. Not bad at all! 

2 comentários:

Matta Ari disse...

:) Ainda é o Nokia q dá luz? E ando eu a enviar-te fotos e a estranhar o teu silêncio ensurdecedor! :)

cdgabinete disse...

Nao é o mais antigo de todos, mas quase.... é mesmo da idade da pedra! Bjinhos com saudades