quinta-feira, novembro 06, 2014

Bukhara Restaurant @ New Delhi

I have tried my fair share of restaurants in New Delhi, and Bukhara has to be by far one of the best ones i have enjoyed!

Their mango lassi is light and full of flavour! The black Dal is  a pot from heaven - no matter how full one is, you just need to have a bit more! Their naan is soft and multi layered! The chicken tender and spicy and the cauliflower an absolute delight! At the end, I just wished i had a larger stomach to try the deserts, but i really had no more room.

Will go back today to try a few more items!

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Matta Ari disse...

Hum! Podias ter levado os "tamparueres"! :) O Ramsey consolava-se! Andas tão aventureira a experimentar comidas! Pede as receitas para depois fazeres para moi, ok? ;)