quarta-feira, agosto 26, 2009

One time... that's all it takes...

- One time! You know... One time, That's all it takes!
- Do you want to elaborate on that thought, or you just wanted to share it for the sake of taking it out of your mind?
- It takes only one time of unprotected sex to make you worry for 3 months until you can actually do an HIV test that will put your mind at ease... Until then, it's 3 months of worrying about bringing the disease home to your partner!
- Yeap! So if you do have it (unprotected sex) you better be sure it's dam good! Otherwise it's a waste of perfectely good paranoia that you could have been using on something else!

3 comentários:

noiseformind disse...

Uma conversa vinda do mundo da fantasia. :) :) :)

Pessoas reais raramente usam preservativo e nao correm feitas loucas para fazer testes apos o acto.
Ate pq nos dias de hoje o standard de ejaculacao e na boca.

cdgabinete disse...

Again... uma conversa vinda de intervenientes do norte da Europa!!!

noiseformind disse...

...hence the surrealism.