segunda-feira, julho 20, 2009

Katie Melua in Locarno - 1st concert of the year (?!?!?)

She's sweet, filled up our hearts with joy, made me smile and feel butterflies all around... (reminding me that I am someone different from this person I'm actually becoming, who works 10h a day, just to get home and work a bit more...).

She just used the wrong pants (Katie, please!!! that shining lycra was totally unnecessary, and you would have looked so much better with jeans!) and forgot to sing "Shy boy" & "What I miss about you".

Other then that... it was good start for the concert season :)

Waiting for Katie...

Katie on the stage...

Katie on the screen...

photos by: cdgabinete, Katie Melua @ Moon and Stars Festival, Locarno, July 2009

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