segunda-feira, agosto 04, 2008

Survival rules for and by UNternational workers # 1

- Never let them make you feel small.

- Timing is everything, so make sure you're on the right place at the right time!

- Life is seasonal... and short!

- Never underestimate the power of networking

- Chocolate is as important to survival as water or oxygen

- Sex (specially good sex) will never be overrated

- Be nice to the admin assistant, specially if she's the one that bosses your and her own boss

- Be kind... in the end, only kindness matters

- Don't do anything without making up your mind first!

- Make jokes, use sarcasm and have some good laughter... that's what will make your entire journey worth going through

- When on doubt or feeling ignorant, ask google about it. If your answer is not there… forget about the question!

- You must always, always, always be looking for a job.... the minute you stop, your short term contract does not get renewed and you'll find yourself unemployed

- "Go dutch" on your calendar (this will avoid double bookings and other embarrassing moments). If it's on outlook it exists, if not…. It's not part of your day.

photo by: cdgabinete, 2007

These rules are permanently under construction by a group of practitioners... So, I don't take full credit for the wiseness that they bring to everyone's lives... :o)

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RESSACA ® disse...

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