segunda-feira, julho 07, 2008

As if monday mornings weren't already bad enough....

As if Monday mornings weren't already bad enough.... Here I was, craving for Monday morning caffeine, going through my weekend emails while waiting for my coffee appointment to come, when i saw a message from the email address of my translator, which immediately made me thought... "Oh sheet, he'll tell me he's late again!".

So, expecting "the worse" I opened it, and after the first reading attempt I wasn't even sure that I got it right... so I read gain...

"Dear Mrs ....,
I have a sad news. J..... died yesterday, I understood during our last conversation that he didn't finish the work that he should do for you. Call me on Monday afternoon and we try to find a solution.
Best regards"

He was dead?!?!?!? He died?!?!?! Oh fuck! f*ck, f*ck, f*ck!

F*ck this f*cking organization that kills so much!!! Seriously... in the three years of my stay here, I witnessed the death of 6 somehow close persons.... and I know for a fact that the other organizations around this hill don't have this death rate... so something is definitely very wrong here!!!

People went on mission and died, people died before an assembly, people had heart attacks that almost killed them, people went skiing off pist and died, people went on holidays with their husbands and died, people were just working and also died... These were all people apparently healthy and with less than 55 years old... so...

I know that everyone will die, but if you consider that this institution is based on the city that ranked 3rd on the best city to live qualification.... then something must be wrong with this big glassy building!

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