terça-feira, fevereiro 17, 2015

Do's and dont's: shouldn't there be a pregancy etiquette?

Being six month pregnant has now taken this to a whole new level... it feels very public and people have a tendency to talk to you about it. Being an introverted, i find it all a bit too much, but hey... it's part of the journey so i do my best to embrace with a smile...

From my experience, the only things others should say to a pregnant women are:
1. What wonderful news! Congratulations
2. You look gorgeous!
3. You carry that bump so gracefully
4. You look fantastic
5. That belly looks so good on you!

(you get the gist... only compliment and share positive comments... that is safe and socially acceptable)

Things i have heard so far, and wished i didn't:
1. I am so glad we are not paying for that bump - asshole!
2. When did this happen and why didn't you say something? - for the future i will keep a Slog (sex blog you can follow)
3. You do/eat/drink that? That is horrible for your baby - if you are not my brain or my doctor... kindly shove your judging attitude up your butt
4. You are going to that hospital? Oh... the nurses are not very nice there - thank you! 
5. What name?!?!? Every white trash trailer inhabitant uses that name - hum hum... here's when i will share my open opinion about this with you again: never!
6. You are having a girl?! Poor you! Your husband must be devastated - thank you asshole!
7. Girls make their mums very lazy - nope! it is really the lack of iron - there's nothing i can blame on the bump
8. Girls give you so much nausea - nope! i had no nausea, stop in-utero girl discrimination!!
9. You are pregnant? Congratulations! it was about time you slow down with work! - thank you for that judgemental comment on my life so far
10. You still working?! Thought you would be home by now - of course! because the moment you get pregnant you loose your brain...

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