quarta-feira, julho 30, 2014

Montreux jazz... Happiness is contagious, as is love... So, just be anyone for me....

Before I ran away on vacations, I went up to Montreaux for the jazz festival.
The tickets were for everlast, and a Kidd I never heard of before was opening for Everlast.

From the Kidd's concert - Bastian baker - the best was his utter and absolute delight to be playing in Montreux. I was sitting on the 1st table and his joy filled my heart up and I became happy being a witness to his dream. I was his audience at the greatest music fest in the world "Montreux!"

Then came everlast who sang his heart out, talked about love, broken hearts, rich people problems', walking on other people's shoes, making hard choices, life, addiction and the monsters who surely live under our beds...

He said a musician knew he had made something for himself when he got to play at Montreux jazz. I mentally added that if you were not a musician, you knew you had made something for yourself  when you got invited to go to Davos. Switzerland, benchmarking careers since 1947!

Well, then he played "anyone", which I didn't know and have kept in my mind since then!
Not much more can be asked from a love song...

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