domingo, julho 07, 2013

Again with the ex-pat thing...

I was born and raised in Porto.... actually not! in Gaia! But i have left the country almost 10 years ago and some of these third culture kid start to really resonate with me! Particularly:

- I can curse convincingly in 4 languages: well... maybe I just really like to curse?!
To everyone’s confusion, your accent changes depending on who you’re talking to: in french i sound really like my swiss teacher (slow and slightly condescending)
- I often slip foreign slang into your English by mistake: I am starting to see a pattern here... perhaps i should work on my manners and use less slang and cursing?!
You’re really good at calculating time differences, because you have to do it every time you call your parents: yeap... every day!
You run into friends in unlikely countries at unlikely times: check! 
And you definitely know your way around jet-lag recovery: also check!

the list goes on... and on...

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