terça-feira, fevereiro 19, 2013

What you need to know about writing annoying articles

Sometimes I wish I was one of those persons who can pull some highly engaging bullshit along the lines of:

"10 things you need to about...." or
"5 daily habits of remarkable leaders" or
"you will never deliver on world peace without this strategy" or
"why world peace will seem a piece of cake after you read this" or
"3 essentials all great CEOs know" or even
"why Green growth will be the new must have for your business" or
" How to avoid being a bad manager" or  the latest (anti)feminine crap
"why women shouldn't stop leaning in" or
"why you can / or can't have it all"

But I am not... this is not how I think and much less how I communicate. Although I got much better with age and work, even writing in bullet points was sometimes challenging for me, i still find these articles - whilst somehow entertaining - very simplistic. I am much more for systems thinking and systems speeches... so when people ask me can you prepare our next post or op-ed I can't help but roll my eyes...

I know how it will go... i will write it and then some comms expert will "edit" it to make the piece catchier and crispier.... and I will pretend i like it just for the sake of moving forward! but honestly, if what i am saying could be said in a meaningful way in "3 steps for avoiding nuclear war, delivering on world peace, losing ten pounds, getting a flat stomach, reducing carbon emission, finally beating that sugar addiction and still get ahead of all your colleagues" type of article.... oh then the world would definitely be a better place by now!

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