quinta-feira, agosto 23, 2012

Thinking about future weekend trips...

In London I...

Saw the best stand-up comedy show ever
Saw one of my favourite bands of all time 
Rubbed shoulders with Pink (yes, the singer) without realizing that was her (only at first!)
Had the best Indian food outside India
Almost got late to a flight because I wanted to go to my favourite t-shirt shop in Carnaby street
Unexpectedly met random friends from geneva in Piccadilly circus
Saw the highest number of drunk people on the tube
Walked on Baker street and poked around Sherlock Holmes’ house
Drank Pims at 6pm in a work function without realizing it was alcoholic
Ate fish and chips for dinner three nights in a row
Stayed in a really cool boutique hotel near Victoria Station (and hoped I would know how to replicate that decor in my house!) 

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