quarta-feira, julho 04, 2012

Chris Cornell @ Montreux jazz

Dear Chris,

I have waited many years for our first date, but had I known that i was meant to meet you in Montreux accompanied only by your guitars and a vynil record and I wouldn't mind the waiting so much!

Let's face it, it was even more perfect because it was just you, the guitars and the montreux jazz logo behind! I am not sure I would ever be ready for a fully pumped Soundgarden show and actually you seemed to be enjoying yourself much more as well. I am certain you are one of the favorite voices of my blonde brain cells and hearing you sing through the albums gave me an outstanding guided tour down memory lane...not just with temple of dog, but also with euphoria morning!

Plus you have the best cover ever of Billie Jean! Ever! So, sweetie.... no matter how many years go by... you rock! And you do it in really great style!

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