quarta-feira, junho 11, 2008

Conversas em Bern # 1

1, 2, 3, 4 persons having dinner in Bern:

1 - So, this girl has been in this emotional relationship with this older man right...
2 - How older?
1 - Older... not important... She's our age (30s), he's in his 50s and married... and has a kid...
3 - What do you mean by "emotional relationship"?
1- Well.. she´s in love with him.... they got physical, but they never had sex... and they've been like this for 2,5 years!
3 - WHAT????? they never had sex.. 2,5 years, and no sex?!?!?!? than it is not a relationship...
1 - You can't be serious... you're pulling a 'Samantha' line.... it's not having sex that defines the relationship...
2,3,4 - oh yes it is!
3 - In this case there's no doubt about that! They are both adults, he's married... if they never had sex in 2 and half years, what did they do? Talked?!?!?!
4 - I agree.... it does not qualifies for extra-marital affair and most certainly does not qualify for relationship. It just means that they are close colleagues at work. That's it!
1 - But... sex... is SO overrated!
2,3,4 - NO IT'S NOT!

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