segunda-feira, julho 16, 2007

To angle perfectly....

"She angles herself perfectly, swaying gently, rhytmically. The field cot holds her in weightless poise above me, she coils and uncoils in accelerating waves. Then she stops, arches her back, gathers handfuls of shadow curls in her hands and pulls them up off her soaking neck, wet strands bounce in rhythm with her hips.
It's a writhing aerial dance now. Her raised arms form two luminescent triangles, clavicles and breasts protrude above me in a glistening silhouette under a riot of white Caribbean stars, a giant salt shaker spilled in the Haitian night sky. She whispers, je je je jouis jouis jouis."

From the book: "Emergency sex and other desperate measures. True stories from a War Zone" (Unlike what the titles suggests, the book is mainly about the experience of 3 UN workers put in war scenarios from the 90's... It only mentions sex 2 or 3 times, and very briefly.... this is one of them... so beautifully described)

painting by: Modigliani

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